Return Policy STOKJES NV

STOKJES NV supplies quality products at the best possible terms.

In order to maximize the quality of the products delivered and to save unnecessary administrative, transportation and warehouse costs, the buyer is asked to carefully check his order beforehand.

Sold products can only be taken back after prior and written agreement by STOKJES NV, whereby the products must be in impeccable condition and in the original packaging and subject to payment of certain cancellation fees.

This request should include the invoice number or shipment note number on the request form and a copy of the buyer's order form and necessary photos showing the impeccable condition of the products attached.

Failing this, the return request will always be refused.

All requests for a return of products must be made in writing and in advance, and are accepted only after written agreement by STOKJES NV.

STOKJES NV is free to refuse the returned goods without motivation after checking or if they were not accompanied by the written approval.

From the refusal of certain return goods, the customer has a maximum of 2 weeks to have these goods collected.

Afterwards, they will be recycled at the customer's expense.

Returns of products will only be accepted within 2 months from delivery date. Spiral ducts, galvanized moldings, non-stock products and customization will not be returned.

For any return and/or exchange, in addition to the specified cancellation or exchange charges, return charges will be charged to cover administrative and logistical costs. These amount to € 30.00 for max. 3 lines, plus € 10.00 per additional line. A maximum of 10 order lines will be considered for a return.

Any transport of the returned products shall be at the expense and cost of the buyer and shall be in addition to the cancellation or exchange costs provided for in this article..

If the products were shipped to the buyer carriage paid, the actual transportation costs will also be deducted from the credit note.

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